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The Committee to serve until May 2018: 

Mrs Shirley Rowland (Chair); Mrs Alison Cairns (Vice Chair); Mrs Sarah Benson (Secretary); Mrs Maureen Wilkin (Treasurer);
Mrs Jennifer Schwartz (Public Relations Officer)  

Thank you for supporting them. 

2016/2017 P.T.A. organised events (The Harvest Sale, Discos, Photo shoot,
Movie Night, Christmas Fun Days, 'Break the Rules' day, 'Bake Sale', St. Patrick's Day themed disco, Easter Fair,
Summer Fun Night, Sponsored Slide, 'A Night at the Movies' and 'Supper with Santa' were very successful)

Events to come: 

Half-Term Disco - Wednesday, 14th February
 Anyone who would like to offer their help at forthcoming events is welcome to leave their details at the office.